Energy autonomous smart window with integrated contactless NFC technology

The core of the technology is a procedure that enables remote access control and management of smart home windows and doors with the use of a mobile phone, tablet or a web interface. The system has an autonomous power supply, provided with a photovoltaic cell. Alternatively it may be connected to a regular AC power supply. The system consists of a smart window with in-built control electronics and central control unit and is specific by the fact that it enables wireless management and remote smart window sensor and actuator control via user’s mobile phone, equipped with a data communication interface and a special mobile application and/or through a web browser running on any device. The technology may be used in various applications in home automation, such as smart windows and doors. The researchers have yearlong experiences in developing home automation solutions as well as energy efficient gadgets. With the help of IT experts at the University of Maribor, they were also able to develop a proper software solution, which supports and enables the technology.

Energy autonomous smart window with integrated contactless NFC technology_UM